Tomb Buddies


Tomb Buddies is a side project of Dead With Tequila (shop here). We are a two banded crazy team, made up of a goth and a quirky awesome individual.

A moment of madness made us decide that we should go into business together, and we have never looked back.  When naming Dead With Tequila, we played around with a lot of ideas, and after finding the first six unavailable for a Gmail account, we looked for alternatives and finally settled on Dead With Tequila. We drew inspiration from the Mexican Day Of The Dead Festival, where bottles of Tequila are left on the graves of loved ones.  Tomb Buddies is just an extension of Dead With Tequila, with our inspiration coming from the same place. When ever posting update about Dead With Tequila, we would say 'we are working in the Tomb' ; when work started on these characters we were referring to them as Tomb Buddies and after a while, the name just stuck. 

We created simple black and white characters with sugar skull inspired patterns that are cute, quirky and great for a large range of ages, while still keeping to the Day Of The Dead theme. Our quirky characters from the Tomb are available on apparel, such as t-shirts, tank tops, prints and home items such as mugs and cushions. 

Even though we are based in the United Kingdom, all our items are made in America. This means you can be sure that what you are buying has been made ethically and with quality. Buying items that have been Made In The USA also helps to create jobs and boost economy. We are committed to giving back and helping others. That's why for every item sold £1 will be donated to Random Acts who have made it their mission to "conquer the world, one act of kindness at a time". In keeping with this theme, the drop-shipper that prints and ships all of our items donates returned or unwanted shirts to homeless shelters.